FortreaRx™ Non-Commercial Specialty Pharmacy Services

Connecting eligible patients with their prescribed medications

Take advantage of our expanded 40,000 sq. ft. facility that dispenses more than 2.6 million non-commercial prescriptions every year.

Expect insightful analytics, collaboration and flexibility as we help your patient assistance program adapt to the current needs for fulfilling patient prescriptions.

Get comprehensive logistical support to manage your assistance programs, including cold chain delivery requirements.

Enabling seamless product access for your patients

Accelerate patients’ access to therapies with our non-commercial specialty pharmacy, FortreaRx. As part of our purpose-built services to support patients at every step, we work alongside our hub reimbursement and eligibility experts to seamlessly coordinate care and distribute your free products to patients meeting your approval requirements.

Connecting the hub, pharmacy and patient to deliver end-to-end support

As our hub helps manage your patient assistance program (PAP)—identifying eligible patients to receive free goods or offering a cash pay option for non-qualified patients—we leverage a real-time integration between the hub team and our pharmacy to triage prescriptions to FortreaRx for distribution. Here, our collaborative partnership includes several capabilities:

Distribution tailored to your program’s specific needs

We apply our expertise in supporting both small and large manufacturer-sponsored programs, including: dose modification, short-term supply, patient-specific product replacement, bridge, PAP, quick start and refills for free drug programs. 

24/7 pharmacist support

Our on-call pharmacists can help speed patient access to medication in urgent situations.

Live integration with our hub services

A connected hub improves our specialty pharmacy turnaround time and enables cost efficiencies.

Fortrea Culture: How We Care and Deliver

Culture is how we do everything that we do. It is how we think, act and create experiences to drive results. The Fortrea culture encompasses the shared values, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes that shape our work environment and connects our diverse people across geographies. We strive to ensure that all Fortreans feel included and are part of advancing this mission.

Here’s how our Fortrea Culture makes a difference:

  • Ensures all team members are working toward common goals
  • Fosters motivation by connecting individual efforts to Fortrea’s vision
  • Increases job satisfaction through greater investment in work
  • Provides a framework for adaptability and resilience, allowing us to better respond to challenges and opportunities
  • Strengthens our collaboration with customers, sites and third-party partners

Continually optimizing engagement to improve the experience for patients and providers

From diagnosis and access to monitoring and adherence, our underlying technology captures and reports critical business intelligence data. With this holistic view of how your program is operating, our hub and FortreaRx can seamlessly adjust to the current patient and provider landscape and rapidly act on changes to your unique patient access strategy.

Increasing our investment to meet your non-commercial pharmacy needs

Our non-commercial specialty pharmacy is licensed in all 50 states and US territories to distribute cold chain, ambient, controlled, devices and ancillary supply products. To meet the growing needs of our drug manufacturer partners and the patients they serve, we recently expanded our non-commercial pharmacy facility.

The FortreaRx space now spans 40,000 sq. ft., including our increased capacity of 14,000 sq. ft. for cold chain storage. With this footprint and more than 200 pharmacy staff, we dispense more than 2.6 million prescriptions every year to enable a comprehensive patient support solution.  

Get integrated patient access support with our non-commercial specialty pharmacy, FortreaRx.