Targeted recruitment of patients for biomarker-driven trials

Comprehensive full-service operational expertise for successful execution of global studies

Deep medical, operations and regulatory expertise in specialized areas of oncology clinical development including precision medicine, cell and gene therapy, immuno-oncology, hematologic and solid tumors

Experience matters when choosing a CRO partner

At Fortrea, we know oncology drug development is inherently complex. Advancing the next generation of oncology therapeutics requires special considerations across the entire spectrum—from early phase oncology clinical trials to late stage and commercialization of a therapy and relevant diagnostic assays. Building on decades of experience, we can help overcome challenges and drive creative problem solving as we navigate the best path to get life-changing oncology products to patients, faster.

In the last 5 years

We’ve been honored to serve as a CRO partner of choice for our biotech and pharmaceutical customers as we’ve advanced their oncology drug development and supported:


Oncology Studies





Top Indications

Helping you achieve the next cancer breakthrough.

  • Extend your organization’s capabilities with our team’s cross-functional, global oncology expertise.

  • Expect quality and timeliness with our full clinical end-to-end capabilities.

  • Optimize your development with global consulting expertise spanning regulatory, biostatistical, medical, clinical pharmacology services, operations strategy and project management.

  • Leverage our new advances in oncology clinical trials to help deliver safe and effective innovations.

Get to know us

An exceptional partnership starts with an experienced team. Browse the bios of our featured clinical oncology team members.

Advancing complex immuno-oncology trials.

Making gains in precision medicine and immuno-oncology requires the use of novel methods to test quickly and target the right therapy to the right individual. At Fortrea, we have proven experience in immuno-oncology studies, including more than 320+ studies in the last five years, conducted in more than 8,990+ sites in 75 countries across the U.S., Europe and APAC.

From targeted therapies, immunotherapies to advanced cell and gene therapies, our subject matter experts have helped develop biomarker-driven strategies to bring precision medicines to market. We apply this extensive depth of experience across all critical points of the oncology clinical trial process to deliver scaled capabilities that meet your needs.

Delivering results—from first-in-human studies to commercialization.

Whether you need support with early phase adaptive trials design, site selection, patient identification and targeted services for late-phase oncology trial, our agile solutions are adapted to your specific needs in any phase of development. 

Get in touch to learn more about our commitment to seamlessly align with your business, culture and strategy and enable a comprehensive clinical trial solution.

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