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Advance your obesity-related clinical research

Access specialized expertise to help guide your novel anti-obesity drug or device in today’s rapidly changing clinical trial environment in obesity and weight management research.

Tap into our comprehensive database and strong network of obesity and metabolic disease experts across the globe, including the highest performing sites and countries for obesity clinical trials.

Apply our deep operational experience to maximize your recruitment and retention—including strategies to enroll a diverse patient population in your obesity clinical trial.

Differentiate your anti-obesity product

In today’s anti-obesity market, sponsors need to ensure their products are differentiated in a competitive environment where the type and quality of weight loss represent key factors to success. At Fortrea, we’re passionate about maximizing the value of anti-obesity assets at each phase of development to help facilitate discussions and promote interest with investors. 

To help your product succeed in a highly competitive environment, we apply an agile approach that combines medical, scientific and regulatory expertise and technology-enabled solutions. Throughout your development, we’ll apply our lessons learned and tools to navigate complexities and eliminate inefficiencies. From protocol optimization to proven operational delivery models, we’re here to make the most of your development journey.

Experience matters when choosing a partner

Experience counts when it comes to placing patients' needs at the forefront of your decisions and ensuring the success of your study. Our global clinical experience across endocrinology spans 456 studies in 64 countries, involving 8,482 sites and more than 81,000 patients.

Specifically in obesity studies, including monogenic obesity and pediatric obesity, we’ve been honored to serve as a partner of choice for our biotech and pharmaceutical customers as we’ve supported:


Obesity studies





Apply patient-centric solutions in your obesity trial

Drawing on our deep experience in advancing metabolic research, we can accelerate your obesity clinical trials by incorporating patient-centric solutions. By aligning patient study participation with their activities in everyday life, we can reduce the recognized stigma associated with seeking therapeutic intervention to solve chronic conditions like obesity while also reducing the burden of study conduct for both patients and sites using enabling technology such as televisits, ePRO, study companion apps and e-visit reminders. 

We strive to promote compassionate care to all study participants as we facilitate interactions with patients to maximize compliance, champion our sponsors to improve health-related outcomes and speed time to market for those patients in need of targeted, accessible treatments.

Enroll a diverse patient population

As a heterogeneous condition, many factors may contribute to excess weight gain associated with obesity and the prevalence of obesity varies. In the U.S., Black adults (49.9%) and Latino adults (45.6%) have the highest obesity rates in adults, which is higher than non-Hispanic white adults (41.4%)1.

With notable differences observed by race and ethnicity in obesity, it’s essential to support your diversity goals with the help of our experienced team. As the CRO with the largest experience in diversity planning, we can write and implement your Diversity Action Plan to meet regulatory requirements and help ensure your obesity trial includes an accurate representation of your product’s target patient population. Our innovative Diversity and Inclusion Insights Dashboard enables in-study monitoring to observe trends and dynamically adjust your enrollment strategies so your study can reflect real-world populations and make a difference in more patients’ lives. 

Get to know us

An exceptional partnership starts with an experienced team.
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Agilely helping you achieve the next obesity breakthrough

  • Extend your organization’s capabilities with our team’s cross-functional, global expertise in all aspects of obesity drug development, including rare etiologies and pediatric obesity
  • Work with a team that understands the importance of improving the quality of weight loss and preserving lean body mass (LBM) in weight management treatments and can optimize the value of your asset
  • Select the highest-performing sites and countries through our comprehensive database to streamline operational conduct
  • Optimize your development with global consulting expertise spanning regulatory strategy, biostatistical, medical, clinical pharmacology services, operational strategy and project management 
  • Leverage our relationships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and investigator sites to help enroll your obesity clinical trial
  • Enable recruitment and retention programs designed to diversify and accelerate your study while maintaining focus on patient safety and the collection of robust data  

Together, exceptional is possible

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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Adult Obesity Facts. Accessed Mar. 27, 2024.